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Make your foreign currency exchanges without commissions in our Malaga office

Reserve your currency exchange up to 48 hours.
No commitment

Do you need to Exchange Currencies?

Don’t think twice, visit us in our Malaga office and exchange the currency you need at the moment with few formalities and NO COMMISSIONS.

Oficinas Propias

We are near to you

Street Santa Marta 7

We are located in the centre of MÁLAGA next to the METRO LA UNION line.
Money Exchange has a wide network of offices throughout the country in the main cities of Spain, both our own offices and collaborating agents.

We are open seven days a week to give you the facility you need and you can choose where, how and when you want to make your remittances.

Sin comisiones, ni sobrecostes. Fácil, sencillo y rápido.

Cambio Divisas Sin Comisiones

Instant and Commission Free

Currency Exchange

Make your currency exchanges, dollars, pounds sterling, yen, Canadian dollars and up to thirty other foreign currencies, without commission at any of our branches. More than 30 currencies available so you can make your exchanges instantly.

You can consult the quote and make a currency reservation so that we can keep the quote for 48 hours and fix the price of buying or selling dollars before coming to the office.

Is it necessary to make a reservation?

No, you can exchange your currency instantly at any Money Exchange office. The purpose of money reservation is to expedite the process and offer you better rates. Additionally, we commit to maintaining the operation price for 48 hours as part of our commitment to our customers.

What documents do I need to carry out the operation?

To carry out your currency exchange operation, you need to be of legal age and provide your original and valid identification document (ID card, foreigner ID card, or passport). Moreover, for larger amounts, we require a document verifying the source of funds and your professional position.

Why is the currency price different from Google?

Google displays the real-time currency exchange rate, i.e., the stock market rate at that moment. This rate is virtual and applicable only to wholesale markets. We, and other currency exchange offices, must work with a rate adjusted to the actual street value.

Do you buy coins?

No, at this time, we only handle transactions with foreign banknotes. We do not deal with coins in euros.

What is the limit for currency exchange?

There is no minimum amount for currency exchange; you can perform any currency exchange operation, whether small or large. Additional documentation may be required depending on the transaction amount. We recommend contacting our call center (91 761 71 70) for personalized assistance and guidance on the required documentation for large transactions.

Can I go to any office?

Yes, you can visit any of our offices for currency exchange, with or without a reservation. You can also use your code at any office, even if you did not select that specific office during the reservation.

More than 30 offices with extended opening hours seven days a week.

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