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Currency Exchange

Reserve the currency and we keep the price for 48 hours

Currency Exchange

Instant and Commission-Free

Currency Exchange

Make your foreign currency exchanges without commissions in any of our offices. More than 30 currencies available so you can make your changes instantly.

You can consult the price and reserve the currency so that we keep the price for 48 hours and set your exchange price before approaching the branch.

Commission-Free. Easy, simple and quick.

More than 30 offices with schedule extended the seven days a week.

Do you need to reserve?

No, any Money Exchange office you can make your currency changes instantly. The purpose of the money reserve is to speed up the process and to be able to offer you better rates. In addition, we promise to maintain the price of the operation for 48 hours, thanks to the commitment we have with our clients.

What documents do you need to carry out the operation?

To be able to carry out your currency purchase or sale operation, you must be of legal age and provide your original and valid identity document (ID, NIE or Passport). In addition, for large amounts we need a document that proves the origin of the funds and your professional position.

Why is the currency price different than Google?

From Google you can check the price of the currency in real time, that is, the price of the stock market price at that moment. That price is only virtual and for wholesale markets, we and the other exchange houses must work with a price adjusted to the real street rate.

Do you buy coins?

No, at this time we only carry out operations with foreign bills. But we deliver coins in euros.

What is the limit to change?

We do not have a minimum amount for the change, you can carry out any currency exchange operation, however small or large it may be. We will need additional documentation depending on the amount of the operation, we also recommend that you contact our call center (91 761 71 70) if it is a large amount to be able to carry out a personalized management and advise you on the documentation that they require.

Can I go to any office?

Yes, you can go to any of our offices to make the change, with or without a reservation. You can use your code in any office, even if you have not selected that office in the reservation.

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Over 30 offices in Spain

Money Exchange has an extensive network of offices throughout the country in the biggest cities in Spain, including collaborator agents. We are open seven days a week so you can choose where, how, and when you want to send money.

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